“In the beginning, there was ed.
ed begat ex, and ex begat vi,
and vi begat vim.”

This is my customized .vimrc file for VIM. I tailored it for my own need. It was inspired by many others’ configurations files, and will be incrementally updated for the goal: simpler, faster, and powerful-er 🙂
As a believer of minimalism, I fully believe the Vim is the perfect combination of simplicity, beauty, and power. It can be found here:


A Chinese poet once said, “Darkness gave me a pair of black eyes, with which, I nevertheless pursue the brightness.” I, however, hereby claim that, “Nature gave us a pair of deft hands, with one of which, we nevertheless hold and click a mouse.”

While coding or writing, constantly, I want to free my right hand from holding-n-clicking a mouse. Instead, I want to hold a coffee cup with hot cappuccino, and let my mind soar with only my left hand on the keyboard.

My ultimate purpose is to liberate our right hands, trust our left hands, and hopefully, boost our efficiency and throughput in drinking cappuccino, provided that you are a right-handed person, and, use vim.

I am a minimalist. I like to keep things simple, and stupid. Therefore, I like vim, which, in my mind, is concise, compact, powerful, and aesthetically beautiful. Editing in vim can be lightning fast, but can it be faster? My answer is YES, but the only bottleneck lies in our hands.

If you use vim intensively, you might notice that, at times, switching from mouse to keyboard and type commands is not efficient due to several time-killers: 1) Switching back and forth between mouse and keyboard 2) Both Vim’s default leader key (‘/’), and the customized comma key (‘,’) are located at right hand area of keyboard. This forces vimers to use both hands 3) The ‘shift’ key is not convenient to press 4) The command prefix ‘:’ 5) The ‘ESC’ key is too far away!

Is it possible to operate efficiently in vim using mainly left hand instead of both? My answer is YES, and here comes my preliminary solution: “Left Hand Fast Vim” ( It is not yet perfect for now, but I’ll make it better.



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